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The new function of ElParking, intended to help your business save on metered car parking, car parks and tolls
Service for companies-Convenient and easy for employees
Convenient and easy for employees
The easiest and fastest method for your company's employees.
Save time when you're on the go, without worrying about parking meters or having to look for a parking space.
Service for companies-One administrator, several beneficiaries
One administrator, several beneficiaries
The administrator can configure the method of payment, change their billing details and view information on payments.
In real time and from anywhere.
Service for companies-One administrator, several beneficiaries
Service for companies-Control of expenditure and savings
Control of expenditure and savings
Only the administrator has access to the payment details and can top up the balance, limiting the total spend.
In addition, as a company you will get special discounts.
Service for companies-Unified bill
Unified bills
It unifies all your employees' payments made in car parks, at metered parking spaces and with Via-T in a single monthly invoice.
In just a click!
Without the need to collect tickets and invoices from each employee
Service for companies-Unified bill

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