The smart parking meter on your mobile

Pay to park in blue zone and other controlled parking areas from your mobile.

Forget looking for the nearest parking meter and coins.

Extend the time or take out a new ticket on your phone, wherever you are. *

Unparks when you leave and the unused amount is retrieved.*

Receive alerts when the ticket is running out or if a complaint has been lodged against you.

Uniform invoices that are proof of all your parking tickets.

How it Works

Open ElParking on your phone and the GPS will pinpoint your location on the map. Confirms where you are parked.

Select the appropriate fee and your vehicle registration number.

Choose the duration of the ticket and pay in the application.

The ticket is logged by the system and the controller can verify that you have a valid ticket without you having to leave anything in the vehicle.

Find out where you can pay for ElParking regulated parking.