The most advanced system of public parking with a mobile phone

A comfortable, simple and secure solution for drivers and parking managers

How it Works

The driver contracts the subscription in the public parking and it is discharged into the system by the manager of the parking lot.

The driver downloads The Parking app on their smartphone.

During the subscription validity period, the driver can use his mobile to open entry barriers, pedestrian access routes, bathroom doors, etc.

The parking manager can control the contracted parking subscriptions, accesses made, parking occupancy and income earned.

Convenient for the driver, you can access one or more public car parks with your mobile.

Easier to use than tickets, cards, keys or physical remote controls.

Secure connection between mobile and car park entrances.

The parking administrator can perform effective management of your business.

Native application for iOS and Android

* Compatible with iOS 8 or higher and Android 4.3 devices

Application for parking attendants

Real time car park control panel

Access and payment subscriptions management

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What is the El Parking?

El Parking is a parking management system that lets you use your smartphone for opening access for vehicles and pedestrians to the public parking space where you park your car.

Where can I use the parking?

Clients of associated public car parks can use El Parking. We currently have a network of 28 car parks throughout Spain and we will gradually grow this number.

If you own a car park and want information on how to join, please contact us here.

How much does it cost to use the El Parking?

Drivers can use the application for free. They just have to pay the use fees that are independently established by each one of the linked parking lots.

To receive information about El Parking's offer for car parks, contact us here.

I have a car park, how I can join ElParking?

To receive information about El Parking's offer for car park administrators and managers, contact us here.

I'm a driver, how do I register and download the app?

Following the payment for your subscription to the chosen car park, the administrator will register you in the system. You will receive an email at the address you provided and instructions for downloading the app from the app stores (Android and iOS).