Space businesses

Offer parking minutes to your customers

Obtain discount vouchers that your customers can use to pay the blue zone or the car park near your business

The easiest way to offer free parking to your customers

Increase your sales

It makes parking easier in a regulated area or car park near your establishment.

Reward your customers

Give out vouchers according to the value of the purchase or as a way of building customer loyalty.

Comfortable and easy

The customers can redeem the voucher from their mobile, without having to return to the car or parking meter.

Get the vouchers

Buy voucher packs to give your customers. They are redeemable for regulated or public parking time.

The vouchers expire 3 months after the purchase date. The amounts in unredeemed vouchers will be returned to your balance when they expire. The service has an additional cost of 5.00 € + VAT, which will be collected on the voucher's expiry date.