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Share your parking space whenever you’re not using it

Earn up to 400 euros a month, with no effort, by renting out your parking space
Is your garage almost always empty?
Easily make the most of it
ElParking-No remotes or keys
No remotes or keys

Drivers open the garage using their mobile phone, without you having to give a remote or to be present

ElParking-Availability control
Availability control

View and manage the costs of the company’s vehicles in real time from the app or website

ElParking-Pricing assistant
Pricing assistant

You have the last word when setting the price. We help you by comparing similar spaces and their availability.

ElParking-Total management
Total management

We take care of everything, before, during and after the booking, you don’t have to worry about anything

Other people have asked…
Our ParkingDoor system works via Bluetooth technology to open the garage door using our mobile app, opening is as simple as using a remote. Your garage is compatible if it opens automatically with a remote or key.
Keep in mind that in order to use the service you must be the owner of the parking space.
The technology used by the ParkingDoor system implements robust encrypted communications offering the same or greater security than the traditional garage remote.
All accesses are recorded so that the parking done can be checked at any time.
We use technology from our ParkingDoor device. It is a small smart device that is installed next to the garage’s door to open it. It is very easy to install, with no mess, which is done in 15-20 minutes at most. And that in no way will affect the system that is already installed, both you and your neighbours, if your space is shared among neighbours, can continue to access using the remote.
It will depend on your parking space and the price you decide to set. Our team can advise you based on our experience so that you get the best return. However, you decide the price and you can change it at any time.
ElParking receives a commission percentage of the booking price. With the information we have on the market we can always find a price that is competitive so that there is a demand for bookings and to achieve the best return for the owner.
During the first few days of each month, you will receive a transfer to the bank account you have provided with the earnings from the parking space.
Yes, we have insurance to cover any unexpected event. We also have a customer service department where we answer any questions that the users and owners of the parking spaces have.
ElParking will take care of everything, all you need to do is wait for your earnings at the start of each month.
Each time a user books your space through ElParking, you will automatically receive an email with the details and all the relevant information such as: duration of the booking, price paid by the user, booking start and end date, etc.
You have a customer service department at your disposal, that will easily and quickly make any change you need. You just have to write to us at and we will be happy to help.
For any modification, please notify us with at least 24 hours.
Yes, our system is flexible and allows us to set the times when you rent out your parking space according to your needs. You can also change these times at any moment according to your needs, provided that you do not already have confirmed bookings in that period.
The service has a minimum period of one year, however, if for any reason you cannot continue with the service, you can deactivate the service by paying the price for the installation/uninstallation of our ParkingDoor devices (60.50 euros).
Yes, we can provide you with the documentation needed so that you can share the benefits of our service with the community.

Easily make the most of your garage

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