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Park in Getaria

In the center of Getaria, if you park in the blue zone, get your ticket from your mobile with ElParking. It is simple, comfortable, safe and with many additional advantages. Don't complicate yourself when you park in Getaria and use ElParking.
Metered parking zones


Pay online in the estacionamiento regulado zone

ElParking-Forget the parking meter and coins
Forget the parking meter and coins
Pay for parking with your mobile phone, you no longer need to go to the parking meter.
ElParking-Extend the time or take out another ticket wherever you are
Extend the time or take out another ticket wherever you are
Park for the time you need and check your parking from your phone.
ElParking-Receive notifications about your parking
Receive notifications about your parking
We warn you before your ticket runs out or if you have a fine.
ElParking-Drive away and recover your money
Drive away and recover your money
Recover the amount left over when you leave before your time runs out.
Every day (from June 15 to September 15)
10: 00h - 20: 00h
The rates applied are those officially established by Getaria city council.
Tarifa Zona Regulada

Maximum time 600 min
This rate is applied to the Zona Getaria sector and does not allow the next day to pass.
In this city there is a fee of 6% + VAT
We offer peace of mind when parking, with more added services for your car
Parking meter on your mobile phone
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