Find out which fines appear in the updated Driver Plus report with our fine search service

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What type of fine do you report?

Fines according to ownership

With your subscription to Driver Plus, you’ll receive an updated report with all non-notified fines from the DGT and other authorities for vehicles in your name. Therefore when signing up, we ask you to confirm your national lD and the date of issue of your first driving licence, whether a car or motorcycle licence.

It doesn't matter how many vehicles are registered in your name: if one receives a fine, we will let you know and update the information in your profile.

Want to add another owner’s vehicle?

No worries, you can use the fine search function with another vehicle. You just need to enter the registration number and confirm subscription for just an extra 1.00 €/year.

Fines according to status

The fines which we update in the Driver Plus report are fines classified as non-notified fines.

If you have been penalised, there will be several attempts to notify you of the offence at home. If this is not possible, it will be published on the BOE's Notice Board (TEU), the DGT's traffic offence notice board (TESTRA), the province's Official State Gazette (BOE) or the Local Government Notice Board. This is the moment that the notice becomes official and the fine status non-notified.

With your subscription to Driver Plus, you don’t need to spend time searching. If you have non-notified fines, we will update them in your profile and notify you with an alert and email every 21 days.

If you have a fine notified in any other way, it will not be shown in the updated report.

e.g. delivered by post to your home, hand delivered by an agent, on your windscreen, etc.

What is included in the fine information?

Issuing authority

Authority which issued the fine

Publication date

Date when the fine was published

File Number

Fine identification number

Description of offence

Simplified description of the reason for the fine

Date of offence

Date when the offence was committed

Fine amount

Amount to be paid

How can I manage fines?

What should I do if I have a fine in my Driver Plus profile?

Don't worry, you have 20 days from the date of publication, which is indicated in the fine information, to voluntarily pay your fine and receive a 50% discount in permitted cases.

Online Payment

You can pay online with details found in the fine information:

Date of notification

File Number

Fine amount

Pay fine

Telephone Payment

Ringing 060 or +34 902 887 060 (if ringing from abroad), using a credit or debit card.

Can’t make payment?

Some fines cannot be paid using the previous processes. In these cases, you must contact the issuing authority indicated in your fine and they will tell you how to make payment.

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