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Car parks with Via-T enabled entry in Spain

With Via-T ElParking, now you can enter and pay at participating car parks and forget about tickets, coins or bookings.

How does car park entry with Via-T work?
With your ElParking Via-T device, it is very easy to enter car parks that are compatible.
Forget about coins, pay using your ElParking wallet!
Types of car parks with Via-T
Car parks with Via-T enabled for entry and exit
The access and exit barriers will open automatically when it recognises your Via-T ElParking
Car parks with Via-T enabled only for exit
When arriving to the car park, collect the entry ticket. When you leave, introduce the ticket in the exit barrier. The system will recognise your Via-T ElParking and open.
Your Via-T device, with all the benefits of ElParking
Secure payments with your ElParking balance
Don't stop or take a ticket
Unified bills for all your parking
What car parks in Spain offer access with Via-T?